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Some people are very casual when it comes to signing papers that affect their finances for decades. But for those who recognize that small steps early in the game can affect major outcomes later, it's fortunate that there are professionals who dedicate themselves to learning about the process and local market conditions, and who can turn a nightmare of stress and confusion into a relatively painless experience (let's be honest).

I'm an educated professional with a few years of experience in this market, and I think I've seen almost every trick and turn of the industry already. I've also had intimate experience with properties in most of these neighborhoods, making me an invaluable person to talk to when it comes to relocation to or within this area. I'm confident that I can save you not only tens of thousands of dollars, but a great deal of time and emotional energy as well.

But I'm not simply a piece of hardware you can point at a house. I'm a human who laughs and smiles, and I'll take the time to find out what you really need most from me as a professional real estate agent. If you would like to know anything about my services, or if you'd like to hear about the local market from a human voice, please contact me at your convenience.

Some words that might be used to describe me:


  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Humble
  • Thorough
  • Attentive

 Review: September/2017

                When my now husband and I had decided to start looking for our first house, we had absolutely no clue where to start. We knew we had to start with finding a good realtor, but how do you decide that kind of thing? It’s not like picking out a fridge where the yelp reviews actually helped. We had to find someone that clicked with not only our style, but also our personalities because we would be spending a lot of time with this person. I feel like I got extremely lucky when Kim Marshall walked into my office. She had come in for a personal matter of hers, but we started talking and automatically hit it off. When I mentioned we were looking to buy a house, she didn’t automatically go into professional mode. She handed me a card and made it feel like it was my choice to use her as a realtor or not, which I liked because who wants to be pushed into something like that? We started by looking for a good lender. At first it was frustrating because we couldn’t find someone we liked, but then she introduced us to Brian Jones and I noticed that not only did we like him, but he also worked with Kim very well, which is great because we wanted a strong team on our side when buying our first home.

                Then came the house hunting. At first we thought it was going to be easy. Our first weekend of showings, we thought we had found our perfect home and instantly put our offer in. It was accepted within hours that day, the seller seemed really nice, we were getting everything we wanted, but it all seemed too good to be true. We hit a road block when Brian noticed that we needed to wait another month for closing so we could use my husband’s commission. That’s when the seller decided that she wanted all this extra money that we just didn’t have. We were heartbroken when we had to tell Kim that we had to let it go. We were ready to give up, but Kim wouldn’t let us. We looked for months, went to several showings, put an offer in on a house in Carson that was rejected, everything that could discourage buyers and frustrate realtors happened to us and still Kim would not let us give up.

                We decided to go back to Fernley and go another weekend of showings. By this point, our budget for a house had changed several times and we had decided to go with the top of our budget to look in Fernley, especially with the way the market was rising daily. At this point Kim knew exactly what we were looking for so when we decided to put offers in, we had a hard time choosing which house we wanted most. She made it possible to have a home that we never thought would be our first home. It ticked off all the boxes in our want list and more. We were so impressed by the great job she did, that we even referred one of my husband’s co-workers that was having a hard time with the realtor he already had and we’ve heard nothing but positive things from him. Even-though our house finding journey was stressful and at times we thought we’d never find a place to call home, Kim never gave up and in the end, found us our dream home.